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In 2004, the East Windsor Little League started some new field improvements at the Osborn Facility.  The league undertook the task of building a new set of dugouts on our stadium field.  The project was started when Little League representatives met with the Park & Recreation Board.  Project Leader Chris Mickey gave a great presentation on our Dugout Project.

Before construction could begin the old dugouts had to come down.  Scott Cota of Cota Construction stepped up and handled the demolition of the old dugouts.  Ray Fahey assisted in the removal of the waste materials.  Ed Davis and Davis Construction than came in and handled the new excavation requirements.  With the excavation complete, Rodney House and Frank Wadsworth set the forms and rebar for the new foundations.  With fresh footings, Bill Kazara and B&K Masonry set the new CMU blocks to form the finished walls of the dugouts.

After all of the concrete and block work was set, Boice's Landscaping installed the 28 ft steel beams that were donated by Edmunds Gages.  The beams were then welded in place by D-Bon Welding.  Advanced Fence & Deck, LLC of Broad Brook, did all of the fence work in front of the dugouts.  Owner Jim Kuca, was very generous in donating part of the labor cost to the league.  The next step was to start the roof systems for both dugouts.  Ed Golden a local contractor in town volunteered his services in putting rubber membrane roofs on our structures at no cost.  This made way for a group of volunteers to get together under the guidance of carpenter Bill Hanson to do the initial framing on the dugouts.
Fast forward to 2007-2008.  In the fall of 2007 the league started the completion of the announcers booth above the 1B side dugout.  Working under the direction of carpenter Mike Costa, volunteers like Larry Pagano, Al Gelsomino, Frank Beaupre and Chris Mickey got to work on the new addition.  This group handled the rough framing, wall systems, and new roof system.  Derek Construction poured a new concrete pad for the stair system to sit on.

By the spring of 2008 the project was ready for Mike Maloney and Maloney Construction.  Mike came in and installed the exterior siding, windows, and built the new stairs and landing.  Dan Slater handled the shingles and soffits.
Spring of 2009 and Mike Maloney of Maloney Construction has finished the exterior.  We're looking for Frank Gelsomino and Gelsomino Electric to have us wired for sound for opening day, 2009.

At our Fall 2009 meeting we decided to fund the replacement of the scoreboard on the Osborn-1 field.  Adam Lopuk and Mike Fiaschetti chaired this off-season Winter 2009 project.  With the help of LP Consultants in Enfield, CT we secured PE approved plans for our new scoreboard addition.  Chris Mickey presented the plans to the EW Park & REC Department and received approval for this new addition to the project.  Adam Lopuk contacted Len Norton at the EW Department of Public Works and got the footing excavated.  Enfield Transit donated the concrete for the footing.  Once the footing was poured around the new pipes and set, Adam, Mike, and Len hung the new scoreboard.  Once the spring thaw occurs in the spring of 2010 the trenches will be dug and the scoreboard wired by Gelsomino Electric for Opening Day.

Dugout and Announcer Booth Helpers and Sponsors
Frank Beaupre Chris Mickey
Rodney House Dallas Mickey
Ed Davis, Davis Construction Edmunds Gages (steel beams, window panels)
Sue Hutchinson PDS Engineering
Frank Wadsworth Manafort Brothers
Scott Cota, Cota Construction Herb Holden, Herb Holden Trucking (gravel)
Harken's Market (stone dust) Boice's Landscaping
Bill Kazara, B&K Masonry D-Bon Welding
Pasco's Restaurant (benches) EW Athletic Club (benches)
Advanced Fence & Deck (fencing) Kelly-Fradet (lumber)
Bill Hanson (carpentry) Ed Golden (roofing)
Dan Slater (roofing) Mike Costa (carpentry)
Larry Pagano Al Gelsomino
Mike Maloney (carpentry) Derek Construction (concrete work)
Skip McCarthy (windows) Gelsomino Electric (wiring)
Adam Lopuk (scoreboard) Len Norton and the EW Dept of Public Works (scoreboard)

http://files.LeagueAthletics.com/Images/Club/14702/EWLLdata/dugout_PDS Sheet_1.pdf
http://files.LeagueAthletics.com/Images/Club/14702/EWLLdata/dugout_PDS Sheet_2.pdf
http://files.LeagueAthletics.com/Images/Club/14702/EWLLdata/dugout_PDS Sheet_3.pdf